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About Prepstar

Since 2010, we have helped thousands of students prepare for the ACT test by offering affordable classes through various community education departments. While many large chains charge thousands of dollars, our classes are a fraction of the cost. Additionally, we have an outstanding staff of experienced high school teachers that lead the courses.

An important aspect of our curriculum is taking real ACT practice tests, so students get comfortable with pacing and the format of the test. These practice tests are scored in our very own online scoring system, which give students a detailed 10 page score report.

Class Options

Comprehensive ACT(R) Prep Options.

How are the PrepStar Premium and Blast classes different?

We have two distinct classes to offer students and families in hopes of providing the right type of prep for the ACT test.  Not all students have the same goals, availability or desire to prep! We’ve highlighted some key areas of comparison for students and parents to know when deciding which class is the best fit

Subject Specific Prep Options.

Prepstar Premium


Varies per district

24 Hours

Online Practice Test Scoring

Make-up Material Available

Numerous Strategies

2-Point Guarantee

4 to 7 Sessions

Top notch teachers

Content Review

3 Practice Tests

Parent information for Guarantee

Prepstar Blast


Varies per district

10 Hours

Online Practice Test Scoring

No Make-up Material Available

Selective Strategies

2 to 3 Sessions

Top notch teachers

Limited Content Review

1 Practice Test

  • PrepStar ACT Math Mania

    For many students, the ACT math section can be very intimidating if they have not excelled in math as a student. This small group six hour course will provide exceptional content review for students to grasp the most important concepts covered on the ACT test. It will also provide specific ways to better utilize calculators to improve efficiency and accuracy. Confidence equals success!

  • PrepStar ACT Science--Coming fall 2020!

    The science section of the exam is often the most overwhelming for students. At this point in the exam, they are often fatigued since it is the last section. Then add in all of upper level science terminology and their heads are spinning! Once students take this course, they will fully understand how to make this section manageable. Our strategies have helped many students increase their science score by numerous points. Fear no more!

  • PrepStar ACT Language Arts--Coming fall 2020!

    This course focuses on two of the four components of the composite score—English and reading. In the English section we will do some essential content review, as well as very effective strategies. The reading section requires the implementation of strategies and plenty of practice. We offer some “thinking out of the box” strategies in both sections to help the score in both sections improve dramatically. We got this!

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What is the cost of each class?

The specific price of each class can be found on each school district’s community education website. The cost per district varies based on associated costs with each district.

How do I register my son or daughter?

Our partnership with various community education departments allows families to easily register online or by calling the community education department hosting the class. Links and information can be found here (link to community education partnership page). We handle everything else, but the registration process.

What is my son or daughter misses a session?

It is best for students to be present at all sessions. However, we realize that a conflict may arise from time to time, so we felt it was important for students to still get the material we covered. We are able to offer make-up narrated powerpoints for students in the PrepStar Premium classes only. It is important for them to discuss the absence with the teacher as well. Please note that a missed class eliminates a student from being eligible for the 2-point guarantee.

How are PrepStar classes different than other ACT(R) prep classes?

Our recipe for success is simple.

Affordability → Outstanding Curriculum → Fantastic Teachers = GREAT ACT SCORES!

What are the requirements for the 2-point guarantee for the PrepStar Premium class?

We are so confident about our PrepStar Premium class’s quality that we offer a 2-point guarantee to students who have taken the ACT test before. And, we have very reasonable requirements without any fine print! Here they are:

  1. Attend all 24 hours of class.
  2. Complete all homework on time.
  3. Provide official documentation of applicable ACT test results.
  4. Fully complete AND score all practice tests. Last test must be scored within 72 hours of class ending.
  5. Take the next available ACT test offered after the course is complete.

We will gladly refund 50% of the cost of the class to any student meeting this criteria.

Video Testimonials

What Students Says About Us


“I was given skills to help me in the sections that I struggle with.”


“It helps you learn how to evaluate your test scores and get practice.”


“On practice tests my English and reading have improved a lot.”


“The teacher was friendly and knew what she was talking about.”


“I know how to manage my time more.”


“I’m much more confident than before.”


“It made me prepared and less scared.”


“I am WAY more prepared.”


“The teacher was very nice and resourceful.”


“I know what I am walking into next Saturday. I also know how to get through questions that I may be stuck on.”


“I definitely boosted my confidence and readiness for the test.”


“It really, really would be a bad idea to go into the test blind and not know what you were doing.”


“It helps you learn how to evaluate your test scores and get practice.”


“The tips in the reading section were very helpful.”


“I learned many good tips and gained valuable experience by taking practice tests.”

Our Test Scoring System

Our students are able to take retired ACT practice tests in our classes and get results within minutes of entering in their answers. The 10-page score report provides students with detailed information on each and every question on the exam.

Our Teachers